LGB Chair: Jane McCarthy-Penman

Address: Parkland Junior School, Brassey Avenue, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 9QJ

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Current Members of the Governing Body

Jane McCarthy-Penman - Chair

Neil Evans - Vice Chair

I always wanted to be part of a Governing body and I am excited to be joining Parklands Federation. I completed my Key Stage 2/3 teaching degree, with a mathematics specialism, in July 2012 and started as an NQT with The Eastbourne Academy straight away. I have subsequently worked at Bexhill Academy in Maths leadership roles and I recently returned to Eastbourne Academy as Lead Practitioner for Mathematics. I am looking forward to helping steer pupils on their successful journey and contributing to the progression of the Parkland Federation.

Jane McCluskey | Co-Opted Governor

Originally from Essex, I graduated from Bath University in 1981. I started my working life as a Research Scientist in the Pharmaceutical industry. In my late twenties I decided to change career and returned to University, this time in London, to train as a Science teacher. My first teaching job was in Eastbourne and I have taught in East Sussex ever since, my last job being Vice Principal at The Eastbourne Academy. In the summer I left full time teaching to work as an Educational consultant part time. My husband and I have a fairly large family with four children and four grandchildren (so far!). I am now really looking forward to being the Chair of Governors for The Parkland Federation and working closely with staff, pupils and parents.

Liam McDonald - Staff Governor

Hello, I am the Head of Key Stage 1 at the Infant School and this is the 3rd school I have worked in as a teacher. I joined the Governing Body of the Infant school in May 2015 and the Governing Body of the Parkland Federation in September 2015. Alongside being Head of Key Stage 1 I am also the Assessment and Maths Co-ordinators. In these roles I support the Heads of Schools in overseeing the many aspects of the everyday running of the schools. One area I am currently focusing on is assessment; ensuring that the teachers provide up to date assessments of the children for the Leadership Team and Governors to monitor. This is particularly important as we move away from the old curriculum levels of the past. These assessments are then shared with you as Parents on a regular basis, for example at Parents' Evenings. In addition, this year I have taken on Mathematics and will be working with the teachers to ensure that the recent rise in progress and the very high expectations of our team continue so that attainment is raised further and your children make excellent progress.

Marion Ponting - Co-Opted Governor

All my life I have been involved in education. I trained at Oxford in the early seventies and taught first in a school in West Sussex, before joining the Service Schools Education Authority and moving to a school in Oslo, Norway. Following a short couple of years there, I was posted to Germany where I spent the next fifteen years in a variety of schools. During these years I met a very wide variety of families and children as well as enjoying and experiencing a rich seam of cultures and traditions. Following the fall of the Berlin wall, with the subsequent drawn down of troops and closure of many garrisons and bases, I returned to East Sussex. I worked in East Sussex for twenty two years, and have recently retired from the headship of a small local Primary School. I am passionate about children and their learning and hope that I can bring some of my expertise, knowledge and experience to enable children at the newly formed Parkland Federation achieve amazing outcomes and set them on the path for a fulfilled and rich future.

Dawn Berhane - Clerk to the Governors

I have been the Clerk to Governors since September 2011. I support the Governors in their work but am not allowed to vote. I provide administrative support and advise on the regulatory and administrative framework.