LGB Chair: Jane McCarthy-Penman

Address: Parkland Junior School, Brassey Avenue, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 9QJ

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Current Members of the Governing Body

Jane McCarthy-Penman - Chair

Neil Evans - Vice Chair

I always wanted to be part of a Governing body and I am excited to be joining Parklands Federation. I completed my Key Stage 2/3 teaching degree, with a mathematics specialism, in July 2012 and started as an NQT with The Eastbourne Academy straight away. I have subsequently worked at Bexhill Academy in Maths leadership roles and I recently returned to Eastbourne Academy as Lead Practitioner for Mathematics. I am looking forward to helping steer pupils on their successful journey and contributing to the progression of the Parkland Federation.

Marion Ponting - Co-Opted Governor

All my life I have been involved in education. I trained at Oxford in the early seventies and taught first in a school in West Sussex, before joining the Service Schools Education Authority and moving to a school in Oslo, Norway. Following a short couple of years there, I was posted to Germany where I spent the next fifteen years in a variety of schools. During these years I met a very wide variety of families and children as well as enjoying and experiencing a rich seam of cultures and traditions. Following the fall of the Berlin wall, with the subsequent drawn down of troops and closure of many garrisons and bases, I returned to East Sussex. I worked in East Sussex for twenty two years, and have recently retired from the headship of a small local Primary School. I am passionate about children and their learning and hope that I can bring some of my expertise, knowledge and experience to enable children at the newly formed Parkland Federation achieve amazing outcomes and set them on the path for a fulfilled and rich future.

Alison Das - Staff Governor

Dawn Berhane - Clerk to the Governors

I have been the Clerk to Governors since September 2011. I support the Governors in their work but am not allowed to vote. I provide administrative support and advise on the regulatory and administrative framework.